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Engine testing


Engine test for Linda&Danny’s guest. He’s driving @nxtgp tomorrow! Have fun guy’s!! My 10th type of engine😂 #hondacadet #parolinrocky #tm #gr3 #miniwaterswift #iame60cc #okj #x30junior #rotaxminimax

Spring recap☀️ #friends #fun #sun #crazycat



Karting in Genk, home of Champions


Old school fun😉 testing with @djamairo.hoft @energycorse_benelux @accessplanner @ls_systems_bv

The harder I push, the more I find within myself. Ayrton Senna


Just a nice day in my favorite seat 😃

Berghem fun!


Testing with friends


Testing something different today😃 Thanks @jari_0592 for driving your kart! @energycorse_benelux @ls_systems_bv @accessplanner #trysomethingnew #rotax #newfriends #oldfriends #sunday #karting

Birthday !


Cool birthday 🤩 …battles on track with Jordy Koullen and 🍰 and presents off track. Thank you @jesse_smeets @sennevos23 @romanohoft @djamairo.hoft @judith.beek @energycorse_benelux

Rainy Afternoon


 no slicks today.. full wet Learning and having fun with Jordy  @energycorse_benelux @ls_systems_bv @accessplanner

Rental kart fun!


So much fun today in the rental karts with @kevin.lantinga 😂… Testing was 👊🏻🚀 @sennevos23 @dylanddarrel @energycorse_benelux And tomorrow again🤩 @ls_systems_bv @accessplanner

Final A!


Final A it is after the heats! Saturday 2 heats on the menu … P4 / P3 Final P19 Rookie P3 Had 2 penalty’s today🤔 Corridor issues😂 Big 🙏🏼thanks to @jornboertien @energycorse_benelux and @basharting @ls_systems_bv @accessplanner 📸 @hellofoto_motorsport_photos

First Round of the IAME Benelux Series


First Round of the IAME Benelux Series…first time Mariembourg in the juniors. Qualifying 5th in my group… 10th overall… first heat ? Don’t ask…at least I used my front bumper 🙈 @energycorse_benelux @jornboertien @basharting @accessplanner @ls_systems_bv #stepbystep #neverstoplearning #keepgoing #rookie

A crashed kart.. and me


Yes… to the final at the Euro Series at Zuera! The team changed my settings and engine completely for the super heat, that worked out just fine😅 Unfortunately I could not avoid to drive into a crashed kart🙄… So, this Rookie learned a lot this week… is thankfull for his team🙏🏼… let’s go to the next one 💪🏻 @energycorse_benelux @jornboertien @jesse_smeets @dylanddarrel @basharting @ls_systems_bv @accessplanner @iameeuroseries #rgmmc #keepgoing #karting

Superheat from P18


Finished the heats today… Tomorrow we start the superheat at P18… next to my friend/teammate @vilmer.svahn 💪🏻 Thanks @jornboertien for your patience😉 @energycorse_benelux ❤️💙

Engine problems, grr!


Quali-day… started with engine problems… so qualifying with less power… and some frustrations… not a good combination🙈… So there was a new lesson💪🏻… thanks @jornboertien and Jordy for teaching me all sides of racing🙏🏼 Tomorrow we will race💪🏻💪🏻 @energycorse_benelux @accessplanner @ls_systems_bv😁

Racing in Spain, qualifying practice time!


Work in progress… learning more every day💪🏻… next up Qualifying practice… @energycorse_benelux @energycorseracingkarts @jornboertien @basharting @ls_systems_bv @accessplanner #iameeuroseries #teamwork

A windy training day


Testing with 🌬️ 8bft wind… the tent looked like a airtrampoline😳 @energycorse_benelux @ls_systems_bv @accessplanner😁

New track... more speed


Creative day today… new track… back tomorrow for more speed🔥…. And fun!!😉 @energycorse_benelux @energycorseracingkarts @accessplanner @ls_systems_bv

2 days testing at Genk


2 days testing at Genk 🔥 Having fun with @senne_vos_23 and the team. The flu has caught me (and my engine🔧😂)… so I go offline for a while 😴😁

The battle is real!


Yes! Mission accomplished😃 We made it to the final! Superheat 1 P10💪🏻 Starting the final on P27… 17 rounds battling… finished P27 again… 😅 Very thankfull to learn from @dylanddarrel 💪🏻, Jordy, @jornboertien @jesse_smeets @basharting @energycorse_benelux

We are making progress


Saturday at @kartodromovalencia started very good, warm up 👍🏻oke, heat 1 P12, heat 2 P10…. And 🫤heat 3 DNF but… we are making progress💪🏻 thanks team @energycorse_benelux @basharting

Sunny Valencia


Qualifying practice done… yes we had the speed 💪🏻 I made a mistake… so learn from it and do better next time … let’s race tomorrow! Thank you @jornboertien @dylanddarrel @jesse_smeets @basharting @jordykoullen @energycorse_benelux teamwork 🙏🏼

Valencia free practice


Last free practice day. Let’s go for my first Wintercup  at Valencia. @energycorse_benelux

“The key is not the will to win.. everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” Bobby Knight


3 days testing @kartodromovalencia and we tested a lot!!! Thanks @jesse_smeets and @dylanddarrel  @energycorse_benelux teamwork!

Vote for me! =)


I’ve been nominated for sports talent of the year. You can vote for me true this link under the subject “Sporttalent”

Stem op mij!

Thank you in advance for your vote!!!

Kartodromo Valencia, Spain


Recap IX Hivern Valencia… we improved every session💪🏻 final P19… and my leg… finally getting better now😅… tomorrow we fly back for Part II 😃 #karting #lovetolearnnewthings #racing #energycourse credits to @juanjoavino for the 👌🏻📸

somebody decided to drive over my leg…


New track with the junior. Friday some testing today quali and 1 quali race. I got hold up in my last round during qualification… so let’s race… untill somebody decided to drive over my leg… yep 😬 … new day tomorrow… still learning a lot!! 💪🏻 thanks @energycorse_benelux @jesse_smeets

Award ceremony for the Dutch championship !🥇


Today the award ceremony for the Dutch championship 🥇 thank you @iameseriesnetherlands @casperreinders54 @bendefeyter congrats to Devon and Quinten with P2 and P3. Finn congrats with your Rookie championship.

Almost back to school


End of the weekend… tomorrow back to school🫤… thanks @jesse_smeets @dylanddarrel @energycorse_benelux @energycorseracingkarts 2 days of fun and speed💪🏻

New year.. new me!


Let’s go guys😂…. @energycorse_benelux @energycorseracingkarts

A huge thanks!


🏁 💙🏆2022 🏆💙🏁
a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to all the great highlights in this year
Bas, my mom, my dad, Bilal, Jowi, Allesio, Leo, Sandro, Nello, Marco, Eduardo, Simone, Camilo, Nick, Willemjan, Wijnand, Peter, Gerda, RichardH, Jesse, Jordy, JornB, RobV, Natalia, Allesandro, Leonardo, Bjorn, Ismo, RobK, Gerholt, Jaco, Marlouk, YvetH, YvetteR and all friends on and off track! Happy and healthy 2023!!
Babyrace Driver Academy, Jowi Van den Bosch, KidiX Driver Performance, Energycorse-benelux
South Garda Karting Italy


Sunny Lonato 💙

Circuit Park Berghem


Sunday … funday ❄️🔥

Interview bij HOi fm!


“Interview met Nederlands Kampioen Temmo Koopmans”

Racing in Genk: Home of Champions!


Try-to-get-the-raintires-to-slicks challenge 😂 we had fun @jesse_smeets @energycorse_benelux

“Racing is life. Everything else is just waiting.” Steve McQueen


Waiting….. is better together 💪🏻 

New Year, new colors!


Next year I will drive in different colors …. First color reveal…  @energycorse_benelux

Sponsorkliks, je kan mij gratis en anoniem steunen!

Sponsor mij gratis en anoniem!!! Het enige wat je er voor hoeft te doen is je online aankoop via mijn Sponsorkliks pagina te doen… die vind je hier:

First race with the junior


Last minute race 😃 Okay Quali, first race… just fine… second race… someone made me spin… third race… good pace but clickbumper… after all… nice first race with the junior. Big thanks to Jordy, @jesse_smeets @basharting @energycorse_benelux 💪🏻 and @djamairo.hoft @romanohoft for supporting me

Checking racing data with Jorn


Testing at Genk… checking data with @jornboertien 💪🏻💪🏻 guess what I’m doing tomorrow…. 🚀 @energycorse_benelux @basharting

"When speed gets in the blood...
one must drive to live"


This weekend…Mariembourg and Eindhoven. 🚀☀️🍂🍁

Testing at Berghem!


Testing at Berghem 🌤️🌦️🌧️ typical dutch weather. Thanks 😃 @jesse_smeets @basharting

Learned a lot!


Last day IWF22 We made it to the final💪🏻 I’ve had so much fun this week and learned a lot! Ready for more! Big thanks to @wijnanddorrestijn @huszka88 @npdb33 @willemjankeijzer @falcon_pdb_racing_team

Tomorrow, last day of racing


After the heats today it’s P26 overall. Tomorrow our last day racing at IWF22 💪🏻 @wijnanddorrestijn @npdb33 @willemjankeijzer @falcon_pdb_racing_team

Rainy day in France 🌧️


🌧️🌧️ so much rain today… P7,P11 an P10 in the heats. Tomorrow 2 more…💪🏻 special thanks to @vanvelzengerda 🍟🍗today a special menu😃… and @wijnanddorrestijn @npdb33 @willemjankeijzer @huszka88 @falcon_pdb_racing_team

Qualifying practice


Day nummer 3… time for qualifying practice. Morning sessions dry… quali 🌧️🌧️🌧️ P10 in my group. Thanks for the hard work @wijnanddorrestijn 🛞on🛞off🛞on🛞off😂 @falcon_pdb_racing_team

Last day of testing


Last day testing. We made progress👍🏻And @wijnanddorrestijn still wearing his shorts😂 thanks to @npdb33 @willemjankeijzer @falcon_pdb_racing_team for this day! @fotocar13 Eduardo for the nice pictures!

First day on the track


Day 1 ✅
New track and I really like it 😁 We had a nice speed and a lot of fun.
Thank you @wijnanddorrestijn @npdb33 @willemjankeijzer @falcon_pdb_racing_team @accessplanner @ls_systems_bv

First day at Le Mans, France!


First day at Le Mans. We helped with the tent. Fixed my kart. Played with my friends Dean, Q, Wouter, Ludwig and Jordy. Diner at Gerda’s restaurant! Tomorrow finaly on track! 😃

It gives me energy!


let’s discover something new😃 Thank you @smeetsjesse en Jordy @energycorse_benelux and 📲 @basharting for this opportunity

Nice intro video!

Yes! I'm going to the finals!


Yes! I made it to the final! At my second WSK😃 …okay… I flew 🛫and crashed at the last round🤕… but I’m fine and zo happy with the big step we made. Grazie mille🙏🏼🙏🏼 @babyrace_driveracademy @simonecianconi @leonardo_lorandi @alessiolorandi @mrc.blg @basharting @sportinphoto

Preparing for the pre-finals


After the heats P20 overall! Let’s go to the pre-finals tomorrow  Grazie mille @simonecianconi @babyrace_driveracademy @team_gk__official @mrc.blg @alessiolorandi @leonardo_lorandi @basharting #wskpromotion #accessplanner

Italy with Dutch weather


Today’s program: warm-up, quali and 2 heats. Qualification, P6 in my group. Heat 1 P3, Heat 2 P8. Nice  day at Lonato! Thank you Marco, @alessiolorandi @babyrace_driveracademy @simonecianconi @team_gk__official @basharting 

Back in Italy


2 days of testing 💙🤍 @southgardakarting @babyrace_driveracademy

Besides racing also time for relaxation


Today’s match 🎾 with @svenvdnoort

Funday with Brandon


Funday with Brandon Martens 🚅🔥 Next stop…. 🇮🇹

Autumn is coming!


Saturday testing @karting.genk 
And sunday testing @karting.des.fagnes 

Racing and celebration cakes!


Nice day at Emmen😃 Having fun with Brandon Martens, Melvin Wierenga, Bjarne. (And parents😉) We brought 🏆cakes😋

RaceXpress article


Temmo Koopmans wins NK IAME and is preparing for the World Championships in Le Mans:  Temmo: “We have of course worked all year for this”

Full article: go to Temmo in het nieuws


Testing and a big surprise!


Testing, data, F1… @kartcircuitdelandsard with @djamairo.hoft Thanks @judith.beek for the big surprise!

Meeting alderman Peter Lage Venterink


“Eleven-year-old Temmo Koopmans has become Dutch karting champion! He fully lived up to his favorite quote “Don’t talk too much, be focused on the goal and achieve it” (Niki Lauda)! On behalf of the municipality of Hellendoorn, congratulations on your championship!”

Marco: “Just believe in yourself"


Today’s menu: 4 heats and the repechage.
Unfortunately I did not reach the final, but I learned so much this weekend.
Most important lesson from Marco: “Just believe in yourself”.
Grazie mille Marco and @babyrace_driveracademy @edoardopilotti_ @basharting @sportinphoto @team_gk__official 🙏🏼
New circuit, new challenges


Day 2 at Sarno. My qualification did not worked out like we hoped for. 

So let’s race!!

A new Italy track for me to explore


Free practice day at Circuito Napoli First time on this track. Work hard, focus and drive fast  thanks to @edoardopilotti_ @babyrace_driveracademy @basharting @team_gk__official  @sportinphoto Umberto



🏆 Dutch Champion IameSeries 2022  🏆

Thank you all so much for your support and especially my sponsors! Your contribution is vital for me to continue my important journey. I cannot succeed without the generosity of sponsors like you!

Hot summer days with friends
are always fun!


2 days testing @karting.genk  Having fun chasing Jeffrey

Last days in beautiful Italy


Getting up early for some last laps in Italy

My mind is always racing, and always going and always working, and it's a gift and a curse.
Sean Combs


Back on track Italië!

South Garda Karting Italië


A new  day at @southgardakarting.
Having fun with @kartingtijmen nice drive  

My sister (left) and her friend visited me on the track!

Very happy with my new suit!


Yes! My suit is ready. Thanks @leonardo_lorandi @babyrace_driveracademy @basharting

I got a need for speed!


Tamara Martens Marissen, Temmo Koopmans!

💪🏻 kart familie! 

Great sessions and burning rubber


Weekend Karting Vibes  Saturday lots of fun and great sessions of burning rubber

 at Circuitpark Berghem.

Vledderveen International Raceway


Vandaag lekker getraind op Vledderveen International Raceway. Was gezellig met Brandon Martens, Tamara Martens Marissen, Richard Martens, Anouk Wierenga en Melvin Wieringa 

💪🏻 Quali time P5 💪🏻


Last check with @ismovr and it is Quali time💪🏻P5

Training day in Genk


Nice, hot 🥵and a fun 💦day at Genk @jowivandenbosch @basharting 📲

New helmet paint!
Keep calm and wear orange!


Yes! Ready! @mendespaint 🙏🏼

Testing in Genk


Testing @karting.genk with @jowivandenbosch and  @basharting online @djamairo.hoft

G-force in een 206, wow!

Dag 2 bij de NXT GP Vandaag de mini Rookie demo begeleid. Was super leuk. Als toetje mocht ik met Melvin Elzinga mee rijden in de 206 over het circuit. Dankjewel @youriverswijveren @stephanosinga @benteboerracing
Vol gas op het circuit van Meppen!


Wat een vet gave dag! Rijden op het circuit van Meppen. Met als monteur Stephan Osinga We hebben er weer een mooie bende van gemaakt Stephan  — bij Funpark Meppen.

Circuit Park Berghem


Making my rounds @karting.genk and @circuitparkberghem Having fun with @djamairo.hoft @romanohoft 

Temmo Koopmans

A super cool and educational weekend!


Today only one heat left to get a better place for the final…. That went well P3 💪🏻 Starting the final at 21… fell back 5 places could fight back to P16. @babyrace_driveracademy and @basharting Thank you for again for a super cool and educational weekend. @team_gk__official for the rocket🚀. Hope to see you soon💙🤍

Temmo Koopmans

Yes! Raceday!

It’s raceday💪🏻
… with a mega up during qualification…. P2 in my group, P4 overall😅… we did it Nello!!!!
The heats… well bad luck with an error in my carb🙈… and second…. Oke… tomorrow will do better💪🏻
@babyrace_driveracademy @team_gk__official @basharting
Temmo Koopmans
Free practice


Free practice day … numero due 

Grazie mille Nello, Marco, Alessio e Bas 

@babyrace_driveracademy @team_gk__official

Temmo Koopmans

Testing for the Iame Series Italy

New track for me today!
And… yes one of my favorites😃
Testing for the Iame Series Italy.
Thanks to Nello, team @babyrace_driveracademy and @basharting ….
Temmo Koopmans
Benelux series at Ostricourt!


Race 1… 3 options…

a: bump on crashed driver 🥴
b: crash at the boarding🤕
c: go for a rally trip 🚜
I chose C and it became an overtake-race😅💪🏻
Final P11… could have been better…
Thank you @signmind @basharting Next stop……
 Temmo Koopmans

Trainen met Brandon en
niemand was het haasje!


Vandaag nog een extra paas-bonus dag! Met Brandon Martens trainen in Emmen. Hij ging lekker👊🏻 ☀️+🏎+🍦… kan geen betere combi bedenken 😎

Temmo Koopmans

Fijne paasdagen allemaal!


Nieuwe dag met het testen van de motoren en natuurlijk eastereggs! 🐰🐣☀️😂 @signmind @djamairo.hoft @jornhelder

Temmo Koopmans

Testen op Ostricourt in Frankrijk.


Vandaag op Ostricourt in Frankrijk. Verschillende dingen testen, gezellig met vrienden @aron. weeda @tiesracing , socials checken met Bjorn Bakker @signmind  en altijd @basharting 🙏🏼👊🏻

Temmo Koopmans

Italië zit vol verrassingen


Laatste dagje lonato Bij de repechage… ik was 3e… en dan…. iemand reed over mij heen…oeps! Na de heats 35ste💪🏻. Zoveel geleerd van Alessio, Marco en Leo @babyrace_driveracademy Speciale dank aan Nello, mijn monteur… we zijn een goed team💪🏻 en @basharting

Temmo Koopmans

Italië klaar voor de start!


3 heats op het menu van vandaag. Eerste P11, tweede P13 en derde P11. Morgen de repechage, beginnend vanaf P5🤞🏻 Onze teamgenoot en vriend @romankamyab eindigde zijn tweede race niet na een crash… beterschap Roman🍀

Temmo Koopmans

Jarig in Italië !


 De beste manier om jarig te zijn… op de baan met @babyrace_driveracademy met @billybabyracer en nl_XX voor @basharting Qualitime, 15e in mijn groep. Eerste heat ging goed… tweede, laten we het morgen beter doen!

Temmo Koopmans

Sometimes luck is not on your side


100% this weekend as Sergio Perez said: “ A veces la suerte no está de tu lado, ¡pero hay muchas positivas que rescatar del fin de semana!” “Sometimes luck is not on your side, but there’s plenty of positive things from the weekend.” Like… my new suit… I know what I/we can… I’m still learning… never give up… and… Friendship… so important! @roccocoronel @quinten.racing @jornhelder @djamairo.hoft 🙏🏼 Thank you @basharting Stichting SignMind Racing Rob Knecht for always supporting me! Next week… 🇮🇹… best place to be😃

Temmo Koopmans

Een spannende race!


🇳🇱 iame series ronde 3 in Mariembourg. Veel extra rijders die Mariembourg als thuisbasis hebben. De kwalificatie ging wat minder, P5, de heats gingen een stuk beter, P2 en P1. De finale was lastig, helaas op het laatste moment naar P3 terug gevallen. 

Weer wat geleerd, enorm veel lol gehad met teammaatje @roccocoronel met de gebakken eitjes in de caravan en @jornhelder 🛴 Bedankt @casperreinders54 voor de mooie woorden bij de uitreiking! @basharting dankjewel… 🍌📱👊🏻🥊 Bjorn Bakker/Stichting SignMind Racing💪🏻

Temmo Koopmans


Mariembourg België

Training + fun 😎 — bij Karting des Fagnes.



Trainingsweekend 🇫🇷 + 🇧🇪 +☀️

Vallen en opstaan


Collective tests in de zon. Begon lekker… tot ik in sessie drie een zijwaartse flip maakte… Ambulance arts heeft het gekoeld en onderzocht. Mijn hand paste niet echt makkelijk in mijn handschoen… en deed best veel pijn😬 maar ik wilde wel rijden 💪🏻 dankjewel @voor.vanleeuwen en @npdb33 voor het checken van mijn kart. @quinten.racing en @djamairo.hoft voor het gezellige weekend! 

Temmo Koopmans

Trainingsdag in Genk


Eindelijk ☀️ een droge baan! Vandaag een super leuke trainingsdag in Genk met @signmind @quinten.racing @djamairo.hoft Finaly ☀️ dry track. It was a nice training at Genk

Temmo Koopmans



Lombardije, Italië bij South Garda Karting.

Temmo Koopmans

1e plaats in Landsard Eindhoven!


1e wedstrijd van het NK Iame op de Landsard in Eindhoven. 
Kwalificatie P1
Race 1, P2 
Race 2, P1, toffe battle met Devon 
Finale P1!

Dankjewel Bjorn en Rob van SignMind Academy en natuurlijk @basharting

Temmo Koopmans

Trainen met SignMind Academy


Trainen op de Landsard vandaag. Ging best goed. Voor het eerst met SignMind Academy en natuurlijk in mijn vertrouwde @falconbypdb .

Temmo Koopmans

Babyrace Driver Academy!


My first day at @babyrace_driveracademy Testing at Adria with @basharting , @billybabyracer and all the others of the team. It was very cool 😎 and I learned a lot! Tomorrow… a new day…. 😃

Temmo Koopmans

Gas op die lollie HOi FM


Vanavond kreeg ik de Bikkel Bokaal van Gas op die lollie HOi fm overhandigd. Dankjewel Gerholt Lankamp en Veenstra Jaco voor het compliment en jullie support!

Temmo Koopmans

Afsluiting van een heel tof jaar



Laatste dag van een heel tof jaar afgesloten op de kartbaan😃
De eerste die ik bedank is Bas Harting, ik heb zo veel van je geleerd, het was altijd 😃 en heb heel veel zin in ons nieuwe avontuur volgend jaar!
Renate Koopmans @wiebe_koopmans_ en @marlouk.k dat ik dit allemaal kan en mag doen. Dankjewel @jeffreyvdiggele voor de toffe start van het seizoen. Nick De Bruijn voor het laatste deel en de top begeleiding in Adria! En Bilal Durmaz die mij topfit houdt! Op naar 2022.

Temmo Koopmans

“Ik ben echt superblij,
ik begon dit seizoen de IAME Series als rookie.
Ik had echt niet verwacht dat ik zo hoog zou
eindigen en dat ik deze beloning zou krijgen.” Temmo